Done with quarantine? Join me, a blank piece of paper, a terra cotta red pencil and a sharpener and let's go on an adventure and see where we end up...

-20 minutes instructions

-20 minutes practice

- a round up at the end...

I'm a realism painter by training and I thought I would start with popping a singular object. Like this tree... No experience needed just some materials and a great deal of fun.


A4 (Binder size) Sketch Book

Polychromol (oil base pencil) Faber & Castle, Indian Red, 9201-192

Staedtler Metal Pencil Sharpener

It is not necessary to have these exact items I do suggest a red brown oil based pencil. The paper and pencil sharpener is just what you prefer.

One month commitment of practicing sketching. May 9th 2021- May 30th, 2021, every Sunday. As a thank you for taking this class I offer a bonus class on June 6th, 2021.


As soon as your payment has been processed a zoom link will be sent out. Having issues PLEASE email me at