Artist Statement

Emily Dunn Froemel is an American Artist Abroad, just outside of Munich Germany.

Her current body of work is called “small pieces for small places.” These are small colorful water colors of varying still life’s and scenes. In Europe many people live in apartments smaller than sixty square meters. Leaving wall space a luxury. These pieces are designed to fit narrow walls, on a shelf or expand out to cover an entire room with bits of color here and there.

In these small pieces Emily Frömel explores how much detail is enough to understand the object. The artist was feeling a bit pained by painstakingly observing and recording ordinary objects onto a page. Somehow the creativity was missing. This has been an attempt at recovering the creative part of practicing art. So the objects were observed several days ahead of time then transferred via water color to paper with only the remembered image transferring. Allowing the objects to soften and sometimes become new colors or objects.

The watercolorist Emily Frömel hopes you enjoy this body of work as she did creating it. Please enjoy…